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Today I made Beef  Empanadas  which without doubt were super delicious! You must try this recipe to enjoy an appetizer like this.

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Peruvian style: Empanadas are always accompanied by a lime 

Ingredients: (approx. 20-22 empanadas)
500 grm or 3 1/4 cups of All Purpose Flour  
125 grm or 4 oz  or 1/2 cup of soft Butter   
170 ml of Water 
1 tsp of Salt 

Preparation Steps: 
Mix flour with salt, baking powder and butter until it forms a "sandblast"

Add little by little the water 

Start kneeing the dough. It has to end looking like this! (Now wrap it with plastic and put it  for half hour minimum) 

1 lb. ground Beef or chicken (your choice) 
1 large diced Onion  
1 tsp minced Garlic 
1 Yellow Pepper or Aji Amarillo Peruano (diced)
Salt and Pepper to taste 
3 hard boiled eggs and some olives (optional)

Preparation Steps: 
Ina a medium heat stove fry well in a little oil the ground beef, onion, garlic, yellow pepper, salt and pepper to taste, if desired 1 tbsp oregano add some aroma and flavor to the mix! 

Dough time: Separate dough in balls and 7cm in diameter approx. doesn't matter if they are not perfect! ...

Now start stretching the dough and add put 2 tablespoons of meat, a piece of egg and olive if you want it!. Do not forget to brush the edges of the dough with water to close well!

Close the empanada like the picture!... use a fork to ensure is close correctly.
Put them on a greased and floured tray and to the oven  350 º  F for 20 min. or until they are golden.

Do not forget to brush them with egg yolk (to give them color and presentation) and the oven 350 º  F for 20 min. or until they are golden. Hope you liked my recipe and step by step photos, Feel free to email me! ... If you follow my instructions you will have an awesome empanadas. Do not forget to subscribe as a VIP member on my blog! 

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