Holaaaaaa ... Super happy here teaching you my 1st recipe in English! 
Today I will make Peruvian Creole Soup  or in Spanish called Sopa Criolla Peruana,  whatever you call it this dish is extremely easy to prepare. Enjoy it!

Peruvian Creole Soup or Sopa Criolla Peruana

Ingredients:  (for 3-4 people)
1/2 lb or 250 grams of Ground Beef
1/2 large diced Onion
1 large diced Tomato
1 tsp crushed Garlic
1 large Potato (peeled and cut into large cubes)
1 small bunch of Noodles "Angel Hair "
1 Egg (lightly beaten)
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 and 1/2 tsp Aji Panca paste or powder
6 cups of Water 

Preparation Steps: 
Step 1: In a pan fry Ground Beef with a little bit of oil 
Step 2 :Adhere crushed Garlic (use preferably wooden spoon to mix your ingredients)
Step 3: Then add onions and tomato (still mixing well)
Step 4: Now you can add all the condiments! Salt, pepper, aji panca. When you see onions almost transparent go to "Step 5"
Step 5: Add water (6 cups)
Step 6: When the soup is boiling, add a small bunch of "Angel Hair" and then 1 egg (beat it a little)
Step 7: So that's it! Always stir the soup to mix good all the flavors.  You'll notice that the soup is ready when potatoes and noodles are tender in full. Ready to SERVE now!  :)

Video Tutorial:

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